CASE STUDY — Rosehill Furnishings

"We contacted We Influence to become our new SEO and PPC partner mid 2021 and since then they have provided a great service. Graham and the team are always on hand to assist with our queries and the work they have carried out for our online sales has been brilliant. We look forward to continuing to work with them moving forward and would certainly recommend them to other businesses."

Elliot Brierley, Managing Director

Rosehill is the UK’s leading supplier of loose contract furniture, offering a selection of traditional and contemporary products crafted through quality and expertise.

We Influence began working with Rosehill in August 2021, supporting the furniture brand across Content Marketing, PPC and SEO, helping their website gain authority and increase online visibility while driving traffic and converting customers to increase sales.


  • 1100%

    Increase in qualified phone calls

  • 101%

    YoY increase in organic revenue


We Influence provided Rosehill with content marketing services, with our Content Marketing Manager providing a content strategy, editorial direction and copywriting.

An ongoing series of blogs covering the main parts of the buyer journey have helped to improve Rosehill’s organic traffic, search engine visibility and domain authority. Blog production has also contributed to significant improvements in new and existing keyword rankings.


  • 85%

    YoY Increase in page views

  • 100%

    YoY increase in assisted conversions

02 — PPC

Rosehill had no previous PPC activity, so a plan was devised to create campaigns from scratch, carrying out thorough keyword research, identifying key areas which the company needed to push and creating compelling ad copy.

We also launched shopping campaigns in line with Google's best practices, which achieved fantastic results.

However, when it became apparent that order numbers were increasing, a lot of activity was being generated offline, e.g phone orders, emails etc so we optimised the account from an online and offline perspective in terms of orders by setting up the relevant goals.

This, in line with smart bidding, has resulted in significant growth over the last few months.

Q4 2021 & Q1 2022 Comparison:
A huge increase in revenue thanks to high AOV orders in key areas for the business.

During the same period qualified phone calls have also increased:
Q4 21 - 11 Calls
Q1 22 - 132 Calls
An increase of 1100%.

We are currently in the progress of installing call tracking software which will allow us to monitor revenue from calls to optimise the accounts and maximise results even further.

Feedback from the client over the last couple of months has been extremely positive, as a result of increased online sales and offline leads being very strong.

Products sold are also diversified in line with key areas the client requested. We are currently working on pushing outdoor items in line with seasonality, with the aim of continuing to grow revenue, spend and the account with the client.


  • 1100+

    increase in qualified phone calls

03 — SEO

Our e-commerce SEO experts began by conducting an in-depth website technical audit, assessing the way the website functioned against key ranking factors.

The We Influence team also worked with Rosehill on a new site architecture, optimising it for both user experience and search engine visibility.

These improvements, combined with the on-page optimisations and content marketing activity have generated great results for Rosehill as you can see below:


  • 142%

    YoY increase in conversion rate

  • 101%

    YoY increase in revenue

"We’ve used quite a few different advertising and marketing agencies over the years; often with very mixed results. It can be difficult to find an agency that really understands what you’re trying to accomplish and that can produce results that align within your goals.

But, We Influence truly does understand our business and what we’re trying to achieve."

Jo Prescott


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