“CCL approached We Influence to deliver a complete multi-channel campaign to drive revenue growth across organic and paid channels”

CCL is one of the UK’s leading retailers of gaming desktop PCs, laptops and computer components.
In a crowded and highly-competitive marketplace CCL had been trading consistently, with moderate growth, over a twenty-year period.
Then along came COVID-19

The national lockdowns across the UK spurred a surge in orders for pre-built PCs, custom PCs and a huge range of components.

As a result of this lockdown-induced spending CCL achieved its best ever financial results.

But then the world re-opened and CCL began to fret about a decline in revenue.


  • 476%

    Increase in revenue (YoY)

01 — PPC

We Influence’s PPC team used a two-pronged approach to drive revenue growth for CCL, focusing on Google Search and Google Shopping.

In terms of Search, the PPC team added over 50 new non-brand search campaigns as well as creating and testing a new search structure. For Google Shopping, we created a bespoke campaign structure which improved ROAS by 25%.


  • 555%

    Increase in monthly revenue via Search

  • 220%

    increase in monthly revenue via Shopping

02 — Affiliate Marketing

We Influence delivered a successful affiliate marketing campaign for CCL by targeting four key groups; product aggregators, CSS partners, closed networks and content sites. The team also addressed some pre-existing issues such as the product feed which was not refreshing frequently enough.


  • 30+

    Affiliate network partners,
    from an initial 4

  • 200%

    Increase in revenue
    from affiliates

03 — Paid Social

We Influence’s Paid Social team got CCL into the social game by creating a series of personas to identify key audiences. From there A/B testing was used to determine what types of copy, tone of voice worked best.

With these initial insights, We Influence was able to create a series of social campaigns segmented by new audiences, social engagers and site visitors, with bespoke copy and creative to maximise CTR and CVR.


  • 999%

    ROAS target maintained whilst scaling monthly spend

  • 55%

    Growth in monthly

04 — SEO

A comprehensive website tech audit, combined with ongoing site structure improvements, the creation of new on-page copy and other fundamental technical improvements have considerably improved the overall organic performance of the CCL website.


  • 2175

    keyword positions recovered within the first 4 months of work

05 — Content Marketing

We Influence also provided CCL with content marketing support, with our in-house copywriter providing optimised copy for high-priority category pages.

This work has contributed to significant ranking improvements for hero category pages, as well as improved visibility, search impressions and organic traffic more generally.